Googling digging Google doodles

Or, let’s look at the rather curious selection of archaeological motifs in the Google search logo. A new British Archaeology has gone to the printers, leaving me as usual with an exhausted shrunken brain, so it’s nice to look at some pictures. Here’s the first round. There are clues to what’s in the new magazine, but I doubt any of them will be visible until the magazine’s out on April 12 (April 10 for CBA members and subscribers).

I noted an archaeological Google doodle last year, and we had another one recently to celebrate the centenary of Mary Leakey’s birthday. I thought it’d be fun to google the Google doodles, and came up with this lot that are loosely archaeological.

Google doodles 1

First ones that really are archaeological, from top left:

Mary Leakey’s 100th Birthday, Feb 6, 2013
Howard Carter’s 138th Birthday, May 9, 2012
Abu Simbel, Oct 22, 2012 (apparently on October 22 and February 22 the sun shines on all the figures except for Ptah, an underworld god)
100th Anniversary of the rediscovery of Machu Picchu, Jul 24, 2011
Discovery of the Aztec Sun Stone, Dec 17, 2009
End of the Mayan Calendar, Dec 21, 2012
Opening of the Acropolis Museum, Jun 20, 2009

Google doodles 2

Then a couple that are more geological:

Scientists unveil fossil of Darwinius masillae, May 20, 2009 (I reviewed the trade book about this for the Sunday Times)
Nicolas Steno’s 374th Birthday, Jan 11, 2012 (The Danish pioneer in geological stratigraphy and understanding fossils, 1638–1686)

Google doodles 3

Here are two more academic ones, the Flintstones’ 50th Anniversary (Sep 30, 2010) and Asterix’s 50th (Oct 29, 2009). So where’s Tintin?

Google doodles 4

Lastly you can bring in quite a few under the rubric of national days. These are from a nice series by Kevin Laughlin:

Bolivia Independence Day 2012, Aug 6, 2012 (the stone arch at Tiwanaku)
Nicaragua Independence Day 2012, Sep 15, 2012 (the 16th century El Castillo de la Inmaculada Concepcion)
Honduras Independence Day 2012, Sep 15, 2012 (Copan ruins)
Argentina Independence Day 2012, Jul 9, 2012 (The colonial Casa de Tucumán)
Peru Independence Day 2012, Jul 28, 2012 (Chan Chan ruins)

Google doodles 5

And others:

Jordan National Day 2010, May 25, 2010
Jordan Independence Day 2011, May 25, 2011
Morocco Independence Day 2008, Nov 18, 2008
Morocco Independence Day 2008, Nov 18, 2011
Croatia Independence Day 2011, Oct 8, 2011
St. Patrick’s Day 2012, Mar 17, 2012 (worth a look for Jennifer Hom’s notes on how she worked from the Book of Kells)

It’s really not difficult to think of ideas for more. Stonehenge? Easter Island? An actual pyramid somewhere? Anything in China? Australia or New Zealand? You can suggest things to Google, worth a go.



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