Leicester celebrates its king

So Skeleton 1 will be buried back in Leicester next spring. It will be some two and half years since it was dug up, and two since it was identified as the remains of an English king. The exhumation licence proposed in effect that reburial would occur by October 3 2012 (“within 4 weeks”). Extensions … Continue reading Leicester celebrates its king

Richard III announcement

I’ve just heard that the judges’ decision on the judicial review into the validity of the licence which allowed excavation of a skeleton that subsequently turned out to be Richard III’s, will be announced in the High Court on Friday (May 23) at 10am. Leicester Cathedral, Leicester City Council, Leicestershire County Council and the University … Continue reading Richard III announcement

The weeds are starting to grow at Stonehenge

The works are far from over, but the visitor centre is starting to bed in, there is less bare mud about and on a wet sky windy spring day it was possible to experience a bit of the Stonehenge we will be learning to know in future. It feels good. I was there for a … Continue reading The weeds are starting to grow at Stonehenge

Trains, trees, stones and statues

Last week I had to go to London for some filming in the British Museum with Hoa Hakananai’a. It was to be after the public had left in the early evening, but there was a tube strike on, making London travel unpredictable, and I had arranged a visit to the Natural History Museum. So I … Continue reading Trains, trees, stones and statues