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Fascinating Ida

The Link: Uncovering Our Earliest Ancestor by Colin Tudge with Josh Young
The Sunday Times review by Mike Pitts

The Link

Late in 2006, over fruit juice and vodka, Jorn Hurum, a paleontologist at Oslo university’s Natural History Museum and a science broadcaster, was offered a small fossil for $1m. The German dealer who made the offer demanded complete privacy for his client.

Hurum was astonished by what he was (more…)

Interview with Sir Harrison Birtwistle

For the March/April 2009 issue of British Archaeology, I talked to the great British composer, Sir Harrison Birtwistle about music, archaeology and landscapes. We had a DVD of his opera The Minotaur in the house, and for a few weeks it became our two-year-old daughter’s favourite, ousting Pingu. My photo shows Sir Harry (right) with Julian Richards at our Stonehenge dig in 2008. This is the text of my edit from the tape. I asked why he named a piece of music – Silbury Air – after a prehistoric monument?

Birtwistle Richards

“This is hard to talk about. The idea of modern music when I was a kid, particularly in England, was something which reflected landscape. In the case of Elgar, I think that (more…)

The Stonehenge roads issue…


Aubrey Hole 7 ready to go

Stonehenge is unique – the road tunnel would have respected that
Misconceptions about this ancient site have led to the rejection of this visionary scheme, says Mike Pitts

The Guardian, Tuesday March 11 2008

Jonathan Jones is absolutely right to (more…)