The sadness of summer passing

For something completely different, the children just put this on my desk, a complete hedge sparrow’s nest they found at the bottom of the garden. The poor bird must have died after laying her clutch, most probably here a victim of someone’s cat. Such a beautiful, delicate thing, the end of a line.

Sense prevails at Stonehenge, again

It was good yesterday to see Arthur Pendragon’s request for a judicial review about the Stonehenge burials thrown out, though not a surprise. His complaint was that he had not been consulted over the decision to grant an extension on the licence to examine the cremated remains we excavated in 2008. We were originally given … Continue reading Sense prevails at Stonehenge, again

Adventures in archaeology

The new British Archaeology features Professor Munakata's British Museum Adventure, a wonderful manga-style story that the BM is publishing in October. It's written and drawn by Hoshino Yukinobu, and was originally serialised in comic form in Japan last year by Shogakukan Inc. Now it has been translated into English and brought together into a single … Continue reading Adventures in archaeology

Philip Beale on Radio 4

Philip Beale, the Thor Heyerdahl-like visionary with the understated sense of a British classics teacher, spoke to Sonia Deol on Radio 4's Excess Baggage on Saturday, remembering his "Phoenician" circumnavigation of Africa that came to a successful end last year. As he says, they have just sailed the Phoenicia to Cyprus out of fear for … Continue reading Philip Beale on Radio 4