Miss Maurice’s organ case

We went to Great Chalfield Manor, Wiltshire, the other day, parts of which stood in for Thomas Cromwell’s home in the BBC Wolf Hall series. The grounds are very pleasant (complete with a kingfisher on the moat). The house is a medieval manor largely rebuilt by Thomas Tropnell (1405–88), not an inappropriate setting for the TV series. … Continue reading Miss Maurice’s organ case

Here come the Celts!

The cover of the new British Archaeology features a small part of one of the most extraordinary prehistoric treasures from Europe, still in the ground in Norfolk during excavation in the early 1990s. Inside, we hear about new forensic work conducted on the gold and silver jewellery from Snettisham, Norfolk. The Celtic theme looks forward … Continue reading Here come the Celts!

A short blog about axe blades carved onto Stonehenge megaliths

After Hugo Anderson-Whymark commented that the 1969 photo in my last blog showed axe blades picked up in the English Heritage laser study (and not "new", as I'd suggested), I had a closer look. I was expecting him to be right. Now I'm not so sure. Here is the result of comparing a few images. At the top, I've pasted all the carvings … Continue reading A short blog about axe blades carved onto Stonehenge megaliths