As a freelance journalist specialising in archaeology, I have written trade books such as Fairweather Eden (Mail on Sunday non-fiction choice), Hengeworld and Digging for Richard III, and reviews and features for  newspapers and magazines (a selection of issues that contained pieces by me appears below). I am currently writing a non-fiction book for Thames and Hudson. My first broadcast was a historical drama for BBC Radio 4.

A selection of recent journalism that you can read online

Are the Parthenon marbles really so special? Guardian 2012

Comment on resolving the human remains crisis in British archaeology. Papers from the Institute of Archaeology 2012

Guest editorial: American Digger and archaeology. Anthropology Today 2012

Video on Sacrilege with Jeremy Deller

Your last chance to see Tutankhamun’s tomb. Guardian 2011 

What the Romans didn’t do for us. Guardian 2011

How satellites are mapping our ancient past. Guardian 2011

Review of Born in Africa by Martin Meredith and The Origin of Our Species by Chris Stringer. Sunday Times 2011

The British Museum: marbles, murals… and manga! Guardian 2011

Save our Anglo-Saxon stone! Guardian 2010

Has the Anglo-Saxon stone been saved? Guardian 2010

How the study of teeth is revealing our history. Guardian 2010

First Britons may have used clothes, shelters and fire to ward off cold. Guardian 2010

How significant is the ‘new henge’? BBC news 2010

Beginner’s guide to archaeology. Dig etiquette, a full glossary of terms, useful websites and crucially, an introduction to the real importance of pointing trowels. Guardian 2009

Unearthing Manchester’s Victorian slums. Archaeological excavations reveal the worst of the city’s 19th-century housing. Guardian 2009

Anglo-Saxon gold hoard is the biggest – and could get bigger. Guardian 2009 

Review of The Link: Uncovering Our Earliest Ancestor by Colin Tudge with Josh Young. Sunday Times 2009

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