Some Random Penguins

Not just because of the designs, which are fabulous, or the ideas, stories and information, or even the associations and memories. But because of the vision. The idea that the provider – even a profit-making publisher – can decide to give people more than they know they want. Imagine that principle applied today by people … Continue reading Some Random Penguins

When mammoths built stone circles

Well it makes a great cover, anyway, sort of Doggerland in a nutshell. I wrote the feature about underwater landscapes (or as the cover strapline puts it, "The search for Atlantis and sunken civilisations") for the new BBC Focus magazine. It was interesting doing it to find how much the UK is leading this area … Continue reading When mammoths built stone circles

Singing statues

If you ever wondered how the statues on Easter Island were moved from the quarry, or especially if the thought never entered your head, you really must watch this video on the Nature website – and stick with it to the end. Whether it’s what actually happened is anybody’s guess – as it is with … Continue reading Singing statues

Time up

When I put that on the cover of British Archaeology above a photo of Mick Aston in February, I left it deliberately ambiguous. Mick was leaving Time Team – but what about Time Team itself? Now it’s official. Attempts to fiddle about with the 18-year-old format are deemed to have failed, and in the wake … Continue reading Time up

Lasers at Stonehenge

At last, after all these years, we’ve got the very first comprehensive study of the actual stones at Stonehenge. As part of its research into Stonehenge and its landscape that will feed into displays at the new visitor centre, English Heritage commissioned Greenhatch Group surveyors to produce the first complete, high resolution 3D digital model … Continue reading Lasers at Stonehenge

Children of the Stones

Stewart Lee presented an entertaining programme on Radio 4 last week about the old TV series that featured strange goings on in a village with a big stone circle. A lot of people are coming here from the link that the BBC kindly provided, so for anyone nostalgic about Avebury, here are a few recent … Continue reading Children of the Stones