Welcome to the verbal equinox

My last post had one clue to stuff in the next British Archaeology, this one has three. Just more pictury things I liked recently.


First a simple idea put into practice that really works.  • P • I • T • O • T • I • was a short-lived digital rock art exhibition at the Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology at Cambridge University. But you can still see it online, and it’s worth a look. It’s not exactly clear who did what, but it says that it “grew from years of research” by Christopher Chippindale and Frederick Baker of the Cambridge University Prehistoric Picture Project. It shows panels from the prehistoric art in Val Camonica, Italy, in a way that no images such as the grabs above can do justice. Go see.

NY Driver’s Licenses

I also really liked this feature on the Evolution of the New York Driver’s License, with all the images of which these are a small selection.


And finally, a still from a new movie about Thor Heyerdahl’s Kon Tiki voyage. Heyerdahl had some odd ideas about history and human culture, some of them rather dark, but he was a fascinating man who deserves more attention than he gets outside Scandinavia. Whether Kon-Tiki Sails Again lives up to the man remains to be seen, but I look forward to finding out.

There’s much going on at Stonehenge, and one day I hope to catch up with some of it here, though there’s plenty of press coverage of developments at the visitor centre. But I did want to record the seasonal image one writer conjured for posterity:

“Many gathered last week to celebrate the verbal equinox at Stonehenge.”

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