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Final comment on geophysics survey

There has been some misunderstanding of the nature of my comment on the newest Stonehenge geophysics survey, first in British Archaeology and then (where I was misquoted) in the Mail on Sunday. My previous post doesn’t seem to have cleared this up, so I have written a statement for the next issue of British Archaeology. That won’t come out until February 11 next year, so in the meantime, here is my statement now.

“In the last Letters (Jan/Feb 2011), we published Melvyn P Heyes’s view that a (more…)

In defence of geophysics

You never know what’s going to catch journalists’ imagination – no matter how hard you try to direct attention to the stories you’d like them to publicise. The new British Archaeology, which hit the shops on Friday, features the Crosby Garrett Roman helmet on the cover. And inside is a great piece on the find, with new information and new photos – and much else besides.

But it is a footnote to a reader’s letter that became a story in today’s Mail on Sunday (and thence to Radio 4’s Broadcasting House, courtesy of a rather confused Sister Wendy Beckett). This shouldn’t get out of (more…)