And summer returns

Here are some photos to mark the weather, two in the garden and one of the mist burning off in the dawn: you really don’t expect England at the end of September to be so very warm. Salisbury Cathedral is not, sadly, at the bottom of the garden, but it still makes a nice late … Continue reading And summer returns

Richard Hamilton (1922–2011)

My school art teacher Ernest Constable first showed me Richard Hamilton's iconic "Just What Is It That Makes Today’s Homes So Different, So Appealing?", but I thought this was fun. And if the artist really did sign 5,000 prints, he certainly put some work into it, even above the "many weeks" it was said to … Continue reading Richard Hamilton (1922–2011)


Here's an interesting thing that raises all sorts of questions about the Stonehenge Riverside Project's discovery of a stone circle by the river Avon in 2009. Henry Rothwell told me about his attempt to put digital megaliths in excavated empty pits of the ring – and thereby he and Adam Stanford realised they seem to … Continue reading Bluehenge

Operation Nightingale

Yesterday I was out on Salisbury Plain, enjoying a bit of wind and rain and open space, to see a little project that may become big. It’s the brainchild of Diarmaid Walshe (a sergeant with an archaeology PhD). As part of their rehabilitation process, soldiers from 1 Rifles injured in Afghanistan are digging an archaeological … Continue reading Operation Nightingale