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Sitting on history

Photos James Dixon

Here’s something that has spooked the editor of British Archaeology. In February last year I published an interesting feature by James Dixon about his research in modern Bristol. It’s not on the magazine website, so you’ll need to find a copy of the Mar/April 2009 issue for the full story. Essentially, he suggested archaeologists might treat urban regeneration not just as an opportunity to excavate historic towns, but as a topic in its own right.

“Rather than using it as the opportunity to record the moribund past”, he wrote, “can the contemporary archaeologist bring past, present and future together to study the changes themselves? If, as I believe, urban (more…)

Listening to Pagans

Here are two photos of Pagans thinking about prehistoric human remains, under rather different circumstances, but both within the same world heritage site: at Stonehenge (above) and Avebury (below). I put these up because this evening I will be talking about a Pagan reburial request on Night waves (BBC Radio 3, 9pm), with Piotr Bienkowski (the Manchester Museum) and Emma Restall Orr (founder of Honouring the Ancient Dead).

We are expecting any time soon to hear the results of a survey conducted by English Heritage, into public attitudes towards the idea that ancient human remains should be (more…)