British archaeology in 2013

It’s been quite a year, in archaeology no less than in everything else – from new ideas and dramatic discoveries to the loss of treasured ruins and deaths of valued colleagues. So how did it look through the pages of British Archaeology?DiscoveriesA dummy for an illustrated book about white hill figures, well known to fans … Continue reading British archaeology in 2013

Talking archaeology

Warning – this is not a blog. It is a 5,000-word article I wrote early in 2012 in response to a request for a proposed book. Two years later the world of communications continues to move on rapidly. My hope remains that someone will find the article useful, so pending publication of the book, here … Continue reading Talking archaeology

More snapshots at Stonehenge

There were people down at the new centre yesterday, adding more interest, and here are some more views. The reaction there seems to be overwhelmingly positive – to the building, which is alive to the landscape, to the displays, which are both beautifully done and bravely informative, and to the facilities. The land train may … Continue reading More snapshots at Stonehenge

The new Stonehenge centre

Here's a first peek at the visitor centre, which opens its doors tomorrow. I guess it won't often look like this again in mid morning. ARRIVAL CAFE & SHOP ON LEFT GALLERIES ON RIGHT Smaller of the two circular video screens: Video panorama on left, museum cases on right: Lobby area with pull quotes and … Continue reading The new Stonehenge centre