The new Stonehenge centre

SH teddy

Here’s a first peek at the visitor centre, which opens its doors tomorrow. I guess it won’t often look like this again in mid morning.


SH Airman's Cross

SH entrance 1

SH entrance 2


SH cafe

SH shop 1

SH shop 2

SH shop 3

SH shop 4

SH shop 5

SH shop 6


SH entrance

Smaller of the two circular video screens:

SH panorama

Video panorama on left, museum cases on right:

SH gallery 1

SH gallery 2

SH gallery 3

Lobby area with pull quotes and talking videos:

SH gallery 4

SH gallery 5

A temporary exhibition room, with some lovely large display cases, currently showing “Set in Stone?”, featuring the 14th century Scala Mundi that illustrates the stones, and other treasures:

SH gallery 6

Leaving into the area where the reconstructed neolithic houses will be, and the train pick-up:

SH gallery 7

SH gallery 8

Back inside, the panoramic video is truly spectacular. Here are some random grabs:

SH panorama 1

SH panorama 2

From today to the beginning, with an earthwork and ring of bluestones:

SH panorama 3

SH panorama 4

SH panorama 5

Meanwhile, up at the site work continues. A marker is being laid to show the solstice alignment. Waiting beside the new path, on left (look, no road underpass!):

SH line 1

Waiting trench:

SH line 2

Earlier posts showing work on the visitor centre and the old facilities include:

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And here’s another document I like (June 2012)

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5 thoughts on “The new Stonehenge centre

  1. Once again, Mike, thanks for your fantastic contributions. You make it possible for those of us in far-off lands to intimately follow the progress of this long-overdue upgrade to the Stonehenge ‘Visitor’s Experience’.

    ND Wiseman

    1. Thanks Neil, that’s very much my intention with these posts. There’s a real sense of excitement down at Stonehenge now.

  2. Welcome to the latest edition to the Stonehenge Cash Cow. A lot of it at my expense, and other investigators who have been sucked in by the Stonehenge charade; I might add! Tom Flowers

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