More Easter Island photos

Searching through my Kodachromes for pictures to illustrate the British Archaeology feature I wrote about earlier today, took me back nearly 20 years – I was on Rapa Nui in 1994. Here are some that didn’t make it into the magazine. There were then, it seemed, few tourists on the island, but there was more … Continue reading More Easter Island photos

Hoa Hakananai’a in British Archaeology

The new British Archaeology contains the first printed report on our study of the great Easter Island statue in the British Museum. The feature makes a great spread, and the results are really interesting. I wrote about our work in the BM at the time here and here. Now the analyses are well advanced. In … Continue reading Hoa Hakananai’a in British Archaeology

Googling digging Google doodles

Or, let's look at the rather curious selection of archaeological motifs in the Google search logo. A new British Archaeology has gone to the printers, leaving me as usual with an exhausted shrunken brain, so it’s nice to look at some pictures. Here’s the first round. There are clues to what’s in the new magazine, … Continue reading Googling digging Google doodles