Digging up the A344

Yesterday evening I went down to Stonehenge to look at the roads. Not something everyone does, but this is a turning point in a century of argument and striving for change: on Monday part of the A344 was closed. Already the tarmac is being broken up, and soon it will be dug out and the … Continue reading Digging up the A344

Shame on you Fairfax Media

Familiar photos in the Brisbane Times and Sydney Morning Herald. People at Fairfax Media, “Photo: Supplied” is not a credit. “Photo: Mike Pitts” is. I’m happy that you used this, it’s one of the ways I like to remember Mick, but nicking pics without credit (and if you’re not going to pay, a link would … Continue reading Shame on you Fairfax Media

Gone travelling

Mick had been sending me a column for British Archaeology for every edition without fail since autumn 2006. We called it Mick’s travels, and in each piece he wrote about the archaeology and history of somewhere he’d been, often as a result of exploring on a Time Team shoot. Regardless of what I did with … Continue reading Gone travelling

A gold edition

The Staffordshire hoard makes a dramatic front cover for the new British Archaeology, which features the first extensive look at the continuing research into the thousands of pieces of jewelled gold and silver found four years ago. They hope to finish cleaning it all by the end of this year, and then move on to … Continue reading A gold edition

Nicholson’s Nek

Following my earlier post about Ernest Griset (whose paintings for John Lubbock I described during my Pitt Rivers talk last week), here’s another of his works recently come to light. It’s in the new list of London art dealer Abbott & Holder. It’s described there as “South Africa / Boer War. ‘The Battle of Nicholson’s … Continue reading Nicholson’s Nek

Dinosaur rap

Wrapping things always brings unexpected and often slightly sinister aspects out of familiar objects. After an early morning at Stonehenge I drove up to Oxford, to give a talk at the Pitt Rivers Museum. The public access to the Pitt Rivers is through the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Its slightly older neo-gothic Deane-Woodward … Continue reading Dinosaur rap

Spring (or is it summer?)

I was at Stonehenge early yesterday morning to record an interview for a future Open Country programme for Radio 4. The drive there was lovely, through the Wiltshire lanes crowded in with greenery and blossom, after so many months when it began to feel that winter was a geological condition rather than just a season. … Continue reading Spring (or is it summer?)