Who then will tell the story of our last hunters?

The new British Archaeology is now in the shops, a particularly strong issue, from Spoilheap’s analysis of new MPs at the front to an interview with photographer Don McCullin at the back, and lots of news, digs and stuff in between. The Council for British Archaeology’s survey of “community archaeology” – volunteers, amateurs, enthusiasts, unpaid … Continue reading Who then will tell the story of our last hunters?

How much is Stonehenge really “cancelled”?

So let’s take a more reflective view of yesterday’s announcement that the proposed Stonehenge visitor centre has been cancelled, starting with what the Treasury actually said. Danny Alexander’s speech did not hold back on criticism of the former Labour government – and by association, of Alistair Darling, one of the wisest chancellors we have had … Continue reading How much is Stonehenge really “cancelled”?

Why axe Stonehenge Visitor Centre?

What is this about? After all these years of well-intentioned plans to improve Stonehenge for everyone (nearly a century if you follow it back), a popular, effective and cheap solution has been scrapped by the government in its first round of project savings. According to the BBC, the chief secretary to the treasury Danny Alexander … Continue reading Why axe Stonehenge Visitor Centre?

A tale of silver bowls

Here’s a nice story from John Malam, who wrote to tell me about his allotment – in his words, “the closest I come to dirt archaeology these days”. Winsford town council last year presented him with the Dempster Challenge Cup for his plot in Cheshire (see photos, both by John Malam). The silver bowl had … Continue reading A tale of silver bowls