Happy new year from Stonehenge!

The booklet that accompanied the launch of Henry Moore's Stonehenge Suite, consisting of 15 lithographs and, in an extended edition, 16 lithographs and two etchings, all with this etching on the title page, in 1974. Altogether 100 sets were printed, before the lithographic images were removed from the stones and the etching plates cancelled. This … Continue reading Happy new year from Stonehenge!

A quick spin around Stonehenge

A further Stonehenge inquiry took place this year, looking at the possible closure of some roads and paths. This morning Wiltshire Council announced that it has accepted the inspector’s recommendations, so another stage towards improving visitor facilities and the landscape around Stonehenge has been passed. I found some of the proceedings difficult to follow, so … Continue reading A quick spin around Stonehenge

Bluestones on News at Ten

Just back from a cold and grey Stonehenge, talking to an ITV crew about the bluestone story I wrote about in my last blog: there should be something on ITV news bulletins tonight. As I was driving down thinking about it, it struck me that one of the really interesting aspect of this research is … Continue reading Bluestones on News at Ten

Bluestones – proof for human transport to Stonehenge?

Norman Hammond’s piece in Today’s Times (“Bluestones theory is now frozen out”) highlights the work by Richard Bevins and Rob Ixer on the precise origins of the Stonehenge bluestones. This is landmark stuff, and worth trying, briefly, to summarise. There’s a lot of stone debris under the ground at Stonehenge, and more in the area … Continue reading Bluestones – proof for human transport to Stonehenge?

Some boys like chocolate

The Guardian has published a really interesting survey by Kira Cochrane and others about the gender imbalance in the media. Over four weeks in the summer, they counted the number of male and female writers from their byline names, and sure enough there is a strong over-representation of men. I looked at this last year, … Continue reading Some boys like chocolate