Final British Archaeology of the year

And here it is, a farewell to 2015 with a great new magazine. As I wrote earlier, we lead with an exclusive feature about new Stonehenge research. Some of the stones came from Wales. But where? And how did they reach Wiltshire – by glaciers, or human transport? With the discovery of two prehistoric quarries … Continue reading Final British Archaeology of the year

Have archaeologists found Stonehenge quarries?

They certainly think so – not all, but two important ones. I went to visit their excavations in Pembrokeshire this summer, and was sufficiently impressed to ask them to write about their discoveries for British Archaeology. You can read their report with many photos – including this fabulous opening shot by Adam Stanford – in … Continue reading Have archaeologists found Stonehenge quarries?

A vote in a Wiltshire field about drainpipes

The last time I visited Woodhenge, the site of a great ritual timber structure near to, and of the same age as, Stonehenge, there was a small community notice on the back of a road sign. ‘BEWARE!’ it read, ‘THIEVES OPERATE IN THIS AREA!’ They do indeed, and they’re not just after our ‘mobile phones, … Continue reading A vote in a Wiltshire field about drainpipes