It’s a shame that Stonehenge’s new visitor facilities won’t be ready for the 2012 Olympics (and the recent inquiry finding that part of the A344 can close is a great step towards getting those facilities). But it’s good to see the stones featuring in the programme. They have a strong place in the torch video just published, and the torch itself will be going there for an off piste visit as it overnights in Salisbury in July (I will be there!).

We’ve also been told that the Cultural Olympiad (under Ruth Mackenzie’s direction, and already looking to avoid all the vacuous lack of ambition of the millennium festival) will feature Stonehenge: French street art group La Compagnie Carabosse will turn it into “a glowing fairytale environment… accompanied by seductive live music”. This is being presented by the Salisbury International Arts Festival on the evenings of July 10–12.


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