Richard III in court

I was going to start with the king’s eyebrows, but Max Clifford’s penis has to come first. While I watched the dissection of the Plantagenet Alliance’s claims in the Royal Courts of Justice in London on Friday morning, across the river, at Southwark Crown Court, the high-profile publicist heard his anatomy being discussed. A witness … Continue reading Richard III in court

Does handling of Richard III’s bones raise serious questions?

Some think so. Are they right? We’ll need a clear head for this, as some of the allegations imply professional wrongdoing, and the issues reach beyond a dead monarch. The Independent (a national UK paper, on March 4) and the Yorkshire Post (a regional paper, on March 8) recently published the same letter from five … Continue reading Does handling of Richard III’s bones raise serious questions?

Our universities do wonderful things

Last night I watched a parade of robed chancellors, and listened to the achievements of researchers, and marvelled. Many at the event went on today to receive Queen’s Anniversary Prizes for Higher & Further Education at Buckingham Palace. So much original work across such a wide range of topics is being conducted across the UK, … Continue reading Our universities do wonderful things

Reburials, art and DNA: another month for Richard III

What’s happened in the world of Richard III since my last post? A great deal, though that post was only a few weeks ago. I’ll round up just a few things that struck me as particularly interesting or curious. Let’s start with a curious note, and the most recent: the BBC has just reported that … Continue reading Reburials, art and DNA: another month for Richard III

A year in the death of Richard III

Exactly a year ago, as I write, I was getting lost in Leicester. I never did get to the bottom of it, but my satnav struggled with the city’s layout, and drew me into a suburban housing estate when I was hoping to find the university. I didn’t know it then, but I would return … Continue reading A year in the death of Richard III

What’s in store for Richard III in 2014?

One small dig made 2013 an extraordinary year for British archaeology. Yet 2014 may bring even more to interest those following the Richard III story. It’s been seven months since I wrote the second of my two main blogs about the excavation (And Richard it was, Feb 6, and The peers in the car park, … Continue reading What’s in store for Richard III in 2014?

The peers in the car park

Buried in the new Antiquity between pages 519 and 538, the 13th of 14 research papers, is one about a grave. It doesn’t feature on the cover (that honour goes to a photo mosaic of ancient buildings in the Libyan Sahara), and there’s nothing to flag up what will undoubtedly be one of the journal’s … Continue reading The peers in the car park

And Richard it was

A press conference revealing research? To read some of the reactions, you’d think it was a panel of bankers explaining why our mortgages had to go up to pay for their bonuses. Unsurprisingly, there was huge interest in the news about the car park dig in Leicester. Yet not everyone was happy about the way … Continue reading And Richard it was

It’s Richard III! (see footnote)

Richard III (or, perhaps, a skeletal imposter) is giving us an interesting media moment. As has become apparent over the past week, on Monday the University of Leicester (to quote one of its press releases), “will reveal the results of a series of scientific investigations into human remains – which are possibly those of King … Continue reading It’s Richard III! (see footnote)