Dinosaur or whale? No argument, it has to be the one we live with

I saw my first whale in Hawaii. I was driving along a remote cliff road. Rounding a bend I saw a bubbling of white water close to shore. I stopped the car. It was a group of humpback whales, frolicking, it seemed, in the otherwise still azure sea. And as I watched one of them … Continue reading Dinosaur or whale? No argument, it has to be the one we live with

Trains, trees, stones and statues

Last week I had to go to London for some filming in the British Museum with Hoa Hakananai’a. It was to be after the public had left in the early evening, but there was a tube strike on, making London travel unpredictable, and I had arranged a visit to the Natural History Museum. So I … Continue reading Trains, trees, stones and statues

Is British Museum Vikings show a disaster?

First Stonehenge, now our old friend the BM. What’s gone wrong? “Disaster” is what art critic Brian Sewell calls the newly opened “Vikings: Life and Legend” exhibition – and also the room in which it’s held, part of the new and hugely significant extension to the British Museum. Writing in the Evening Standard, he describes … Continue reading Is British Museum Vikings show a disaster?

Oldest footprints outside Africa

Happisburgh has done it again! Already the location of the oldest human artefacts in northern Europe, and the furthest north any signs of early humans have been found, now the Norfolk coast has given us human footprints – nearly a million years old. They are by far the oldest outside Africa. As Nick Ashton (British … Continue reading Oldest footprints outside Africa