Is new Stonehenge centre a disaster?

That’s what many seemed to think in January. The Western Daily Press called it “a £27m flop”, describing “furious visitors”, “chaotic scenes” and “queues of more than an hour”. The Daily Mail picked up the story, with a headline that summed up the apparent problem: “Moanhenge! Furious visitors criticise 'chaotic' new £27m centre at historic monument as it struggles … Continue reading Is new Stonehenge centre a disaster?

The new Stonehenge centre

Here's a first peek at the visitor centre, which opens its doors tomorrow. I guess it won't often look like this again in mid morning. ARRIVAL CAFE & SHOP ON LEFT GALLERIES ON RIGHT Smaller of the two circular video screens: Video panorama on left, museum cases on right: Lobby area with pull quotes and … Continue reading The new Stonehenge centre

Two army aviators killed

Early this morning 100 years ago, flying from Larkhill just north of Stonehenge, Captain Loraine crashed his Nieuport monoplane during a failed turn. Both he and his passenger Staff-Sergeant Wilson were killed. I’ve written about this before, and the recent removal of the memorial at Airman’s Cross. Here are some further notes and sources. The … Continue reading Two army aviators killed

The Airmen take off

Work on the Stonehenge visitor centre starts in a couple of weeks when Vinci Construction take possession of the Airman’s Corner site. That’s the formal line. But for me it began yesterday, when the Royal Engineers, watched by Wessex Archaeology and English Heritage, released the memorial from its concrete. The site takes its name from … Continue reading The Airmen take off