Fortune and victory sit on thy helm!

Photography. Leicester's statue of Richard III was so much easier to photograph before they moved it from the park! Among the trees and flowers down by the river the light was kind, and the scene changed all the time. It's appropriate where it now is, but its surroundings are harsh, and it could hardly have been better placed for bad light if someone … Continue reading Fortune and victory sit on thy helm!

Brilliant winner of British Life Photography award

Visiting Stonehenge at midsummer over the years has been an experience of time passing, marked by portable camera technology. The worst year was when video cameras with side viewers were in fashion, you looked over a forest of hands raising up the blank gadgets which no one could see into. What works so well here … Continue reading Brilliant winner of British Life Photography award

Shame on you Fairfax Media

Familiar photos in the Brisbane Times and Sydney Morning Herald. People at Fairfax Media, “Photo: Supplied” is not a credit. “Photo: Mike Pitts” is. I’m happy that you used this, it’s one of the ways I like to remember Mick, but nicking pics without credit (and if you’re not going to pay, a link would … Continue reading Shame on you Fairfax Media

Dinosaur rap

Wrapping things always brings unexpected and often slightly sinister aspects out of familiar objects. After an early morning at Stonehenge I drove up to Oxford, to give a talk at the Pitt Rivers Museum. The public access to the Pitt Rivers is through the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Its slightly older neo-gothic Deane-Woodward … Continue reading Dinosaur rap

Spring (or is it summer?)

I was at Stonehenge early yesterday morning to record an interview for a future Open Country programme for Radio 4. The drive there was lovely, through the Wiltshire lanes crowded in with greenery and blossom, after so many months when it began to feel that winter was a geological condition rather than just a season. … Continue reading Spring (or is it summer?)

More Easter Island photos

Searching through my Kodachromes for pictures to illustrate the British Archaeology feature I wrote about earlier today, took me back nearly 20 years – I was on Rapa Nui in 1994. Here are some that didn’t make it into the magazine. There were then, it seemed, few tourists on the island, but there was more … Continue reading More Easter Island photos

On a portrait of Charles Darwin

Some extraordinary things are coming together in the Wellington Arch in London. English Heritage is getting ready to open a new exhibition in the Quadriga Gallery (The Birth of Archaeology and the Battle for the Past), which opens next week – the first public event in a year of celebration of the Ancient Monuments Consolidation … Continue reading On a portrait of Charles Darwin

Silbury Hill flooded

Will Silbury Hill wash away? I think the radio presenter who asked me that was probably joking. It rained a lot a decade ago, and the top of the hill collapsed inwards when poorly backfilled old excavation tunnels slumped. English Heritage fixed it, and really it’s pretty stable now. It’s been raining a lot again, … Continue reading Silbury Hill flooded