Another British Archaeology!

The new magazine has our biggest ever feature, on the Westminster world heritage site: distinguished writers review the extraordinary history and archaeology of the abbey and the palace, and we urge parliament to move out to allow the palace restoration-and-renewal programme to proceed as soon as possible. I’ve written a separate blog to introduce this.

And there’s room for much more:

BA Scotch Corner.jpg

  • a major, history-changing excavation of a Roman settlement in the north of England, at Scotch Corner

    loughton totem.jpg

  • Tim Loughton MP (above left) reveals he was on a student archaeological trip in central America when he first met Jeremey Corbyn MP
  • an exceptional bronze age hoard from near Dundee, with wood, sheepskin and textile remains as well as a gold-decorated spearhead – and the UK’s largest neolithic timber hall from the same site
  • we discover Britain’s traditional totem poles – did you know there are 16? (And that’s not counting the many new-fangled versions of the Scottish Totem Pole project). I’ve posted some pictures of one of my favourites separately (above right)

    Brexit archaeology.jpg

  • and we hear of the potentially devastating impact of Brexit on UK archaeology.

Plus all the usual columns, reviews and more.

Without British Archaeology, you’re out of touch with British archaeology.


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