Fog on Uffington


Out for a walk this afternoon round the hillfort and white horse at Uffington, foggy and cold with frost patches remaining in areas of shadow and some lovely light. Despite the apparent archaeological evidence, I still find it difficult to imagine this outline of a horse to have been maintained up there since before 500BC. Yet everything about it is curious, so who knows?



2 thoughts on “Fog on Uffington

    1. It has, in a scientific sense (data were collected and analysed to make a good case, and it is a good case), but the trouble is I alway like to imagine an alternative explanation. One thing that would help convince me here would be to see comparable analyses done to deposits close by that are not actually part of the horse. It’s a steep, varying slope, and surface deposits move naturally as well as artificially. I’d like it to be shown that comparable OSL dates cannot be derived from neighbouring “natural” deposits.

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