British Archaeology goes underwater

Cover with SpineThe new British Archaeology came out last week, and is in the shops now. Here’s a peek inside.

As three UK universities are rated the best in the world for the study of archaeology, and the government emphasises the global reach of British arts and heritage, our front cover features an outstanding international project led by British specialists: the discovery and excavation of an early 16th wreck off the coast of Oman.

We challenge British antiquities dealers with a proposal that could put them at the forefront of tackling international heritage crime.

We tell the story of a pioneering experimental museum in 1930s suburban Barnet, much of whose collection now distinguishes a museum in Queensland.

We consider the empire-wide origins of interior design in Roman London.

With features on children in archaeology and flax preparation in Northern Ireland, some striking letters and the usual news, reviews and other regular columns, this is another edition of British Archaeology packed with topical interest

BA148 Esmeralda.jpg

BA148 Pots & robbers.jpg

BA148 Abbey Folk Museum.jpg

BA148 Hide & seek.jpg

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