Shameless plug for new British Archaeology!

I’m really proud of the new edition, it’s a classic example of our best and most popular archaeology magazine. It leads with an exclusive feature about British mummies. Tom Booth and colleagues tell the story of how they came to realise that mummification was a common way to dispose of the dead in bronze age Britain.

We hear about an Egyptian mummy, too – or at least the possibility that Nefertiti’s remains lie at the back of Tutankhamun’s tomb – told by the man who thinks she’s there, and who has just obtained permission from the authorities to electronically scan the tomb.

Back in England, Northampton Council sold a remarkable Egyptian statue – we review the controversy and reveal the man who is thought to have brought Sekhemka to England in the 19th century.

We have an important interview with Duncan Wilson, Historic England’s first chief executive.

With excavations, reviews, news (heard the story about the new stone row near Stonehenge? We reveal it’s even bigger than you thought) and much more, this is a showcase for what’s happening and what matters in archaeology today.

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