Digging for Richard III now in paperback

Digging for Richard III pb

It’s revised and extended too. While the king’s remains were being prepared for reburial earlier this year, I was updating my book about their excavation. With the help of those involved, I made many changes and clarifications throughout the text. Apart from the full excavation report, all the scientific research is now published in peer-reviewed journals, which allowed me to tie up the final details. And what was a ten-page Epilogue is now 27 pages, an entirely new chapter that picks up the story where the hardback ended, with the announcement that the remains had been formally identified. The book now ends with the debates and arguments, the extraordinary judicial review (which I attended), and the reburial ceremonies (I was privileged to witness the first service in Leicester Cathedral).

Uniquely, this book covers the full range of events and views around the compelling excavation – which, it would be fair to say, divided some of those who made it happen. If you want to know yet more, it is fully referenced with pages of footnotes and an index. If you just want to know the story, and enjoy a good read, Digging for Richard III is for you: a “dramatic thriller” (Booklist), “as gripping as any detective fiction” (Publishers Weekly), and “beautifully and knowledgably written, moving and funny… a real page-turner I wasn’t able to put down… wonderfully entertaining” (Family Tree magazine). The Ricardian Bulletin thought its “dramatic narrative retains the audience’s attention… [in] a balanced and informative review”, while archaeologist Francis Pryor found its “gripping detail… original and intriguing”.

And to cap that Thames & Hudson have produced a small, chunky book that feels good in the hand and costs less than a tenner.

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