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The new British Archaeology is now online and will be in the shops tomorrow. With Scotland’s year-long celebration Dig It! 2015 and the nationwide 25th Festival of Archaeology in July, there’s a lot happening in archaeology this summer. The festivities launch the features for this edition.

In Scotland we excavate a prehistoric ritual monument and re-invent a school garden, and in another project we return to a hoard of Pictish silver, found nearly two centuries ago, and discover over 100 new pieces. In the south we consider how the excavation of an entire Anglo-Saxon cemetery has brought unique insights into the international contacts of fifth century Britain and the origins of England. Some fine Egyptian antiquities have been found in Wigan, a historic salt works has been saved in Cheshire and a stone circle discovered on Dartmoor. With inside reports on what’s been in the news, TV and book reviews, letters and more, this magazine has all you need to keep up with the exciting world of archaeology in Britain.

Here are the opening spreads of three features, starting with Adrian Wood’s spectacular shot of Eggardon Camp in Dorset, the best argument I’ve seen for using drones for simple archaeological photography (see more at But as you’ll see in the feature, drones have more than this to offer.



ARTICLEAnd here are the news headlines:


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