British Archaeology

Cover with SpineI’m particularly proud of our new edition, from the Galloway hoard – as we are now calling the new Viking-age hoard from south-west Scotland – on the front cover, to pieces on the Grenson shoe factory and paleo diets at the end. We broke the news about the Old Sarum geophysics survey, which was widely reported in the media. And there are many other new revelations.

The Viking hoard feature describes for the first time how the find was located and excavated, and how significant archaeological discoveries were made when the initial dig was extended to a 30m by 30m trench. In my experience, this is the first time such a large area has been explored around a detecting find here in the UK. That so much was discovered adds materially to the debate about how these sites should be approached by the archaeological and curatorial professions.

As always, you can find the magazine in newsagents, in the App Store or in digital form. If you go there now, you can read the Old Sarum story in a free preview. These are the feature opening spreads – just the start.

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