A nice guy

BBC History Skidmore

There’s an entertaining piece about Richard III in the new BBC History magazine, by Chris Skidmore (which also contains a nice review of my book, by Francis Pryor). Was he thinking of Horrible Histories?

HH 4

One of the TV series’ great features was a Measly Middle Ages pop ballad parody called The Truth About Richard III. “Tudor propaganda it‘s all absurd”, sang Jim Howick, “Time to tell the truth about Richard the third”. Then a refrain that I guess Sondheim would have been proud of:

“Can you imagine it?
I’m the last Plantagenet.”

HH 1

HH 2

HH 3

It seemed to go down well at the Richard III Society of New South Wales, where Dorothea Preis recommended it to fellow Ricardians: “…certainly we all agree with his assessment that there was a ‘special ruler – King Richard the Third’, who was a ‘nice guy’. Have a look at the clip of the ‘Richard III Song‘ and enjoy it.” I’m sure they all realised it was a spoof.

You can watch it here: Horrible Histories Richard III Song

Series 3, Episode 6, 7 June 2011
Performed by Jim Howick, composer Richie Webb
Produced for CBBC by Lion Television with Citrus Television

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