Shame on you Fairfax Media

Sydney Morning Herald Brisbane TimesFamiliar photos in the Brisbane Times and Sydney Morning Herald. People at Fairfax Media, “Photo: Supplied” is not a credit. “Photo: Mike Pitts” is. I’m happy that you used this, it’s one of the ways I like to remember Mick, but nicking pics without credit (and if you’re not going to pay, a link would be nice) is shabby, even for a business nobly competing against News Corp.


2 thoughts on “Shame on you Fairfax Media

  1. I have ‘liked’ this post, but I don’t really like it at all. Absolutely dreadful. Credit should be given at the very least, as you say. There are some that would be contacting their solicitors right now. Grrr!

  2. I take the view that if you put images online, to a certain extent they become fair game. Most of the photos on this blog are mine, but I do occasionally put up other images, typically from press releases or screen grabs. In this case I didn’t think they deserved it, but normally I would consider a link and a credit a reasonable exchange. Swapping stuff around the web is part of web culture, and I expect it. It would be quite different, however, if I saw one of my photos in another medium (in a book or on a postcard, for example), which would be wrong unless it was done through me.

    What does annoy me, is when I see my photos used online without credit or a link, and doctored as if to disguise them! It’s a cruel world.

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