Gone travelling

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Mick had been sending me a column for British Archaeology for every edition without fail since autumn 2006. We called it Mick’s travels, and in each piece he wrote about the archaeology and history of somewhere he’d been, often as a result of exploring on a Time Team shoot. Regardless of what I did with his text, or how I selected from his images (often failing to use the maps he lovingly scribbled on sheets of tracing paper stuck together with masking tape), the columns kept on coming, never late.

His first was about an early monastic estate in Somerset. I have his last on my desk now, along with a wallet of 35mm slides that always arrived with the typed captions by Special Delivery. He loved slides and had little time for fly-by-night digital stuff: scanning his trannies, and often spending hours removing the dust and flaws, was a magazine ritual I will much miss. His visit to the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset will feature in the next magazine, out on August 9, along with a tribute.

The Council for British Archaeology has put online a great video of Mick receiving his Lifetime Achievement Award at his home last year. His magazine columns will soon be on the site too, for free access.

Full column in British Archaeology 131 Jul/Aug 2013







One thought on “Gone travelling

  1. Big thanks to mick, a sad lose to the viewers & time team. This has given me so much joy over the years.

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