The archaeology of the 2012 Olympics site

We’re really proud of the new British Archaeology. The cover shows the main feature, an exclusive insight into the archaeological research and excavations at the 2012 Olympic Park site, one of the UK’s largest recent field projects. Until the academic monograph is published later this year, this article is likely to remain the only authoritative guide to what happened when the two biggest archaeological organisations working in London got together to start work in the lower Lea valley in 2003.

Other features include the story of archaeologist Roger Grosjean, fighter pilot, MI5 agent and discus-throwing record holder; the Anglo-Saxon mystery of Prior’s Hall; the Viking buried at Swordle Bay, an exclusive description of last year’s excavation in the far west of Scotland; Matt Grove’s compelling ideas about what drove human evolution (“How climate made us – and competition killed the rest”); and a scheme for ochre plaques – if a fictional rock star can have a commemorative plaque, why not Boxgrove Man and the Amesbury Archer?

If you buy your copy in Smiths, you should get there fast, as it’s being promoted in the shops and copies will move. Alternatively, you can now get the magazine as an App, and it looks great on a tablet, with the added bonuses of digital searching and a back issue archive. Best of all is to have Council for British Archaeology membership, which gives you a printed magazine, digital access and other benefits.

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