New British Archaeology

It’ll be in the shops on Friday, but for those of you who haven’t yet become a member of the Council for British Archaeology or just subscribed, here’s a preview of some of my favourite bits.

  • I had an overwhelming response from readers to last issue’s front cover exclusive – Mick Aston’s resignation from Time Team – and I’ve printed a selection of these with thoughts from Time Team’s founder and executive producer, Tim Taylor
  • Archaeologists have excavated a complete Pictish cemetery near Perth. The early medieval graves were found during routine evaluation of a field destined for agricultural development
  • Two metal detectorists searching 230 miles apart from each other have found two similar but rare objects. Made over 2,500 years ago, they are thought to be leather-working tools of a type still in use today
  • St Paul’s’ cathedral archaeologist John Schofield has written about the great medieval cathedral that was destroyed by the Great Fire in 1666
  • Gabriel Moshenska (with the old sign) writes about the Institute of Archaeology’s history on its 75th birthday. It opened in a luxury London villa, under the direction of a playboy and soon-to-be TV star; its next full-time director was a Marxist who had previously worked with an illegal revolutionary socialist group in Australia. Two of the world’s greatest archaeologists – one of the things I like about this field is its variety!
  • Will Bowden thinks we are wrong to write off the Iceni after Boudica’s failed revolt, and he has a very strange building to prove it
  • Rose Ferraby and Martin Millett report on their geofizz survey of the Roman town at Aldborough
  • Ruth Young and Pakistani colleagues write about a fascinating archaeological survey in Chitral – though being surrounded by Al-Qaeda training camps, with a daily threat of kidnapping and fieldworkers protected by armed guards, did not make work easy
  • We’ve got the first of a new column from Jon Wright, on threatened listed buildings – this one about Deptford Dockyard
  • And you can read what Jeremy Deller told me about art and history

And don’t forget you can now look at it online.

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