The Hajj comes to London

Dropped into the British Museum on my way back from another Stonehenge meeting yesterday in London (of which more anon), and took these fuzzy photos with my phone. There must have been some interesting discussions in the early days of organising the Hajj: journey to the heart of Islam exhibition, not least about the sponsor HSBC and exactly what to stock in the shop. These black cubes on the floor are gorgeous, and make a lovely contrast with the great Grayson Perry pot in the hanging behind. The exhibition must be quite unlike Perry’s, yet his too is a spiritual thing, and it would be interesting to see the one after the other (possible until February 19 when The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman closes). Much looking forward to the press view of Hajj next week, if I can make it (dangerously close to the magazine’s going to press day).

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