Binford & Renfrew at Stonehenge (again)

A bit late, but I just chanced upon this old (poor) scan of the photo I was looking for in April. At the time, I could find only the second I took in 1981, showing the two gentlemen’s back heads. So here are their faces, and if I ever find the Kodachrome, I’ll scan it properly and post that (as an aside, did you know that Word does not have “Kodachrome” in its dictionary?).

I saw Colin Renfrew yesterday, when he gave one of the excellent addresses at John D Evans’s funeral service in Salisbury. I hadn’t realised that John was one of those archaeologists who worked in intelligence in the second world war, whisked from his English degree course at Cambridge to Bletchley Park. The common thread in everything said was what a kind hearted, generous man John was.

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