Romans at Silbury Hill

English Heritage testing the geophsysics plots.

There are now some good films about Silbury Hill itself on the web.

English Heritage 2007

Four short videos (total 35 minutes) about the recent conservation work, including a fabulous tour of the section exposed inside the tunnel with Jim Leary – every excavation should have records like that.

Fachtna McAvoy has put a video on YouTube that is a longer version of the first of these films made for English Heritage by Chris Corden.

BBC 1968

The Chronicle film made by David Collison and Paul Johnstone of the BBC-sponsored dig.

And a soundtrack:

Dongas Tribe 1999

Field recordings made by Dave Prentice (Nusphere) of summer solstice celebrations on Silbury Hill and in the henge at Avebury.

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