Farewell McQueen

Liberty had said that it was opening a display on Monday honouring Alexander McQueen, which gave us an excuse for a trip to London and a day off work. It was not ready (we were told it would be unveiled on Tuesday), but there was a friendly man working in the window next to the first of the Stella McCartney run; he was painting the St Andrew’s Cross of the Union Jack (McQueen’s father was Scottish). A great talent lost.

Touring Oxford Street I noticed Vivienne Westwood’s Stonehenge logo (sort of spelling out MAN). She seems to have a bit of a Stonehenge thing. Vivienne Westwood Man in Tokyo is said to be in a building inspired by Stonehenge (“the store features worn gray tones, gray cement floors and silver handrails, adding a bit of mystic paganism to the streets of Omotesando”), and Time Out once reported that Vivienne Westwood on Conduit St had a fireplace “cut from the same stone as Stonehenge”. And the clothes are nice.

And you have six days to hear the second programme in The Voices Who dug up the Past, when I visited Sutton Hoo.

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