The old new Stonehenge visitor centre


And while we’re on the subject, somewhat bizarrely Barrie Marshall’s designs for the eastern Stonehenge visitor centre that is not to be (above), appear to be touring in an exhibition called Museums in the 21st Century: Concepts Projects Buildings – as one of “27 of the world’s leading museum building projects realized since the turn of the century”. Or not realized.

But if you happen to be in Edmonton next week (as I write), you can see the show, where it is to be from Sep 18–Dec 13 (must be worth a look). And then Santa Fe, Munich… and “still available for booking” in 2012, by when perhaps the alternative Denton Corker Marshall version will actually have been built. Or not.

Meanwhile, here is the British Archaeology interview with Barrie Marshall, published in December 2008. The centre then seemed already doomed, but I thought the idea was interesting enough to merit the magazine’s back page anyway.

Barrie Marshal interview

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