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Digging up Britain

To its eternal credit, the Guardian today has a large chunk of archaeology in its G2 supplement, with 10 features looking at what’s happening in Britain now (two of them by yours truly). This is a newspaper that used to have such good archaeological coverage, and has recently (notwithstanding Maev Kennedy’s sterling efforts – she and I once shared the British archaeology press award for our Guardian contributions, and her on-the-nail feature leads today’s supplement) ceded that crown to the Times and the Daily Mail. You need the paper in your hands to fully appreciate this achievement, so buy one now before they sell out!

On the website you can hear a piece by Martin Wainwright at Vindolanda, and see more photos, including two I took at Oxford Archaeology’s Co-op dig in Manchester. The hands are Chris Wild’s: here is the whole man, with a 19th century lady’s shoe.

Chris Wild

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