In the corner of my screen


Day two of One & Other, and today I had a first look at the live streaming from the plinth. I have had it in the corner of my screen while I worked – less distracting than Bernard or the Gummy bear song (which our little girl likes to dance to), and actually rather comforting (presently there’s a nice man playing Bach on a bassoon). From above, the plinth doesn’t look as high up as it does from below, and none of the plinthers seemed particularly scared of falling off. The lift up and back seems painless, and everything seems to be relaxed and natural. But isn’t an hour a long time when you haven’t prepared anything?

I’ve taken a few more successful steps towards achieving my plinth work, but enough of that. I thought I might write about some Pagans wanting to rebury ancient British human remains. This issue is coming back to life, as Arthur Pendragon and some others are gearing up for renewed demands (they do not come as requests) that we put the cremated human bone that we excavated at Stonehenge last year back into the ground. I thought I might do that, but frankly I can’t be bothered. I have a magazine to edit, some great stories to chase and a lot to write.

We’ve set out our case patiently and at length, with great care, and there’s not a lot left to say. (Amongst other things, I wrote, “We believe strongly that the remains should be available for future generations, who will almost certainly have not only new analytical techniques, but also different questions to ask. The best way to ensure this is to retain them under special storage conditions in a museum.”)

So instead, here’s a photo of Anthony Gormley’s Another Place on the beach at Crosby. I have a story about that I’ll write later.


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