The only archaeologist in the square

A real trowel used at real digs

So I sent out the message telling my contacts about the hour. Back came the information that half of them were on holiday. But also came a lot of helpful advice. And I can’t fault the Museum of London press officer who suggested I direct people from Trafalgar Square to… well, you know where.

Will I be naked? (No.) Will I be a Standing Stone… standing on a stone? I will need to look out for the pigeons, and remember not to step back. As an archaeologist I should get myself an EDM and survey the square. More ambitiously, I should be recording the plinth, and then whacking some evaluation trenches in around it! I should have a  WHS trowel in my back pocket – to prove I am an archaeologist (and there was me thinking I didn’t need to prove it). It would be a good opportunity, said another archaeologist with obvious feeling, to make some appropriate gestures towards the adjoining building which houses the DCMS.

I headed the message, “Will I be the only archaeologist?

“At that hour of the morning”, replied a colleague, “you’ll probably be the only archaeologist in Trafalgar Square, anyway!”

Meanwhile here at the website, views today have gone well over 500. Not bad considering it started at zero on June 26 and peaked previously at 73.

And not one bid yet for my car on eBay.


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